11th Annual Food For Thanks Event Feeds Over 100 People

(CBS DETROIT) – It took more than just ingredients to prepare this meal.

The cooks in the kitchen say the secret spice is love.

This comes straight from our kitchen, you know what I’m saying,” said Anne Lynn, an organizer of the event.

“Everything that our grandmothers and our mothers used to make, we’ve made it and we put it out here and we want our community to have the best.”

The 11th Annual Food for Thanks holiday feast took place at Artists Village in Detroit.

Organizers delivered meals across Metro-Detroit to make the day special for the homebound.

We’re going to Highland Park, Mt. Clemons, Pontiac, Downriver,” said Demond Petty who helped organize the dinner.

Over 100 plates were packed up and shipped out, piled high with Thanksgiving Day favorites.

We’re delivering to a senior complex in Highland Park,” Petty said.

“We’re delivering to several motels where families are staying. They are displaced.”

Organizers say it’s important to remember those who may not have the resources or family to celebrate the holiday.

It’s Thanksgiving Day,” Petty explained.

“People got their own food to cook, family from out of town, but not until we do this. We need a few hours to do this and then we’re back to the family.”


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