Bedford High School senior living with Down syndrome takes to the field for last football game

The Bedford High School football team on Thursday came together to celebrate the last game of a player living with Down syndrome.

Adam Varjabedian, like many seniors, played in his last high school football game on Thanksgiving.

“We celebrate inclusion, we celebrate team sports, we celebrate Buccaneers spirit,” said Pearlene Varjabedian, Adam’s mother.

Adam Varjabedian joined the team three years ago and was welcomed with open arms, according to his mother.

“These young men are amazing. Their coaches are amazing. They’ve treated him no different,” Pearlene Varjabedian said. “The expectations are the same. He’s attended every practice, every workout during the summer.”

The young player’s family says football is what he will miss the most when he graduates next summer.

“This isn’t about just my son. It’s about a whole group and a team that has embraced someone who has a disability,” Pearlene said.

Varjabedian’s goal is to go off to college and to be a part of a program for students with disabilities.

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