GO train delays on Lakeshore West line due to possible arson investigation

GO Transit riders are facing delays on the Lake Shore West line Friday due to a possible arson investigation near the tracks at West Harbour station in Hamilton.

“There is an investigation to one of our signal bungalows, which is a pretty critical piece of rail infrastructure, being torched,” Metrolinx spokesperson Matt Llewellyn told Breakfast Television.

“Hamilton police along with our GO Transit special constables are looking into this as a potential arson investigation.”

The signal bungalow allows train signals and switches to operate normally and for trains to move safely through the area. Llewellyn said reports from his team on-site indicate the signal bungalow is badly damaged.

He said trains out of Hamilton and Niagara could be up to 40 minutes late, since crews now have to get out of the trains and operate the switches manually.

Llewellyn also said there could also be delays on the Lake Shore East line as a result.

“There is a pretty significant possibility that there will be ripple effects around the GO rail network, potentially delays on the Lake Shore East line.”

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