Indiana man charged in drunk driving crash that hurt Crestwood police officer

CRESTWOOD, Ill. — A 65-year-old Indiana man, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, is charged with a traffic crash that seriously injured a Crestwood police officer.

According to police, Gregory Hilson faces two with aggravated DUI after a gray Kia he was operating struck a Crestwood Police vehicle at Midlothian Turnpike and South Pulaski Road in Crestwood. The police vehicle was at the scene for an unrelated car crash.

The police vehicle struck an officer on the scene, critically injuring him.

The officer remains hospitalized, police added.

Crestwood Police Department provided an update on the officer’s condition:

We at the Crestwood Police Department have so much to be thankful for this year. As you may know, this last weekend, we had an officer who was directing traffic at an accident scene, when his squad car was struck by an intoxicated driver. The officer, who was out of the car was then struck by the squad and thrown through the air.

The officer sustained numerous injuries and has undergone multiple surgeries and is still in intensive care, however, he is able to sit up and wanted to share a brief video thanking everyone for their support.

We are so thankful that our officer is on the road to recovery.

Hilson is being held on $50,000 bond.

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