No line in sight at Brentwood Best Buy on Black Friday

BRENTWOOD, Mo. – The traditionally long line outside of Best Buy on Black Friday was nowhere to be found the day after Thanksgiving.

FOX 2’s Nissan Rogue Runner reporter Jason Maxwell was at the Best Buy in Brentwood and he saw shoppers trickling in, but a long line was nowhere in sight.

Long shopping lines nearly non-existent on Black Friday Eve

One shopper, Paul Van Dorn, got to the Best Buy at 3 a.m. expecting a long line.

“When we arrived there was nobody in the parking lot so we were just chilling in our car,” Van Dorn said.

He arrived with other friends and they were looking for earbuds and an Xbox. Other shoppers were looking for televisions, iPhones, PlayStation 5s, computers, and more.

Best Buy opened at 5 a.m. Friday. Click here to check out some of their deals.

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