Man wanted for stealing hundreds of lottery tickets from Metro East gas stations

TROY, Ill. — The search is on for a man accused of stealing hundreds of lottery tickets from Metro East gas stations. Police said the suspect is wanted for committing the same crime in multiple cities.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect at the Casey’s gas station on US Route 40 in Troy, Illinois, on May 9. Police said he approached a cashier, asked for lottery tickets, and then attempted to pay for gas. When his card declined, police said he grabbed the tickets, ran outside, and drove away in a Nissan Murano.

“Waiting for his credit card transaction to be approved, he took his card out. In the middle of that, [he] ran outside back to his vehicle without being approved for the lottery tickets,” said Patricia Johnson, who works at the gas station.

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“It looks like a legitimate sale at first, and he runs out, which is why he’s not repeating it at the same place,” said Troy Police Chief Brent Shownes.

Police believe the man may have taken thousands of dollars worth of lottery tickets and scratch-offs. He’s also accused of hitting other gas stations in the area, including in Fairview Heights.

Johnson said they have notified other Casey’s gas stations in the area about the thefts.

“We have a GroupMe app through Casey’s, so that’s how all of our managers communicate with one another. So there was an APB put out on him immediately as soon as it happened at our stores so we could be aware,” said Johnson.

In the surveillance video, the suspect was wearing a white shirt, blue shorts, a black durag, and black tennis shoes. Anyone with information about the crimes or his whereabouts should contact CrimeStoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS (8477).

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