Flooded roads and homes in south St. Louis after downpours

ST. LOUIS — Homeowners and crews with the Missouri Sewer District are dealing with a mess after heavy rainfall Thursday afternoon.

At first inspection, MSD said its pump stations were working properly in the area. Multiple basements were flooded on Bates Thursday afternoon. MSD crews were on the scene for hours clearing and unclogging debris out of the drains and also pumping water out of people’s homes. 

Severe storms leave damage across St. Louis region

“I went to get my car out of the garage, and the water went all the way to my thigh. It was deep,” homeowner Fernando Garcia said.

MSD called in extra emergency crews to assist with calls. When asked about who is responsible for the damage, MSD spokesperson Sean Hadley said, “We don’t know exactly if it was something from our system or if it was a lot of rain.”

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“The first thing we thought is to pack up everything and get it out of the basement. Everything that he has was in the basement is floating,” said Robin Norise, who was assisting her brother with the cleanup.

Another homeowner, Cheryl Garcia, said she has filed a claim with an insurance adjuster.

“We will see what happens, that’s all we can do,” she said.

Garcia said this is not the first time she has dealt with this street flooding.

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