Where to play ‘Pokemon Go’ for Deino Community Day in the Bay Area

The biggest Community Day of the year is coming June 25 as Deino stars in its own special event from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Irate Pokemon is the only pseudo-legendary Pokemon from Generation V. (Sorry Axew, despite its looks and typing, the Tusk Pokemon doesn’t meet the requirements for the 600 club.) That means Deino will be especially valuable for players and will see play in raids, gym attackers and Go Battle League formats.

The fact that the exclusive move, Brutal Swing, is projected to have amazing stats and a great effect that will lower a target’s attack will make it a meta game-changer. My best advice is to grab a Deino for every category of Go Battle League and evolve it to Heidreigon to get Brutal Swing. The shiny variant also stands out with its green color and mop of hair.

It’s a Pokemon that will get the community out and about because of its monstrous potential. Expect crowds similar to last year’s Gible Day. With that said, Bay Area trainers should be looking at two places: Jack London Square in Oakland and San Francisco’s Pier 39. Both will have in-person June Community Day Meetups. That means players can grab swag from Niantic such as stickers, patches and code pamphlets for free in-game items.

That’s a draw, but the biggest reason to go is that the event will lure a critical mass of players to the area thanks to the dense spawn rates and Pokestops. It will give these two places a festival-type atmosphere as players will see other trainers walking around and catching Deino. It gives participants the feeling of summer 2016, when the game first came out.

It will be especially interesting to see how Pier 39 goes because it’s the first time San Francisco has had a Niantic Hosted Meetup. At the same time, that area will be crowded with tourists and other non-Pokemon players so expect the zone to be busy. I was in San Francisco for Go Fest 2021 and to call it a madhouse would be an understatement. There was a confluence of a parade, “Pokemon Go” players and street sellers hawking dozens of knickknacks. It was so crowded that it was hard to get around.

One of the event features that could work in San Francisco’s favor is that the city has plenty of gyms in the area. That has a major influence on the bonuses for the day. The group bonus for the event is a Zweilous appearance when players capture enough Deino at a lured spot. With these events, players usually lure up all the nearby stops so the chances of hitting that bonus are all but guaranteed. Also, trainers should spare no expense on the Incense because they last three hours.

The real reason to go to San Francisco is that Zweilous will appear in four-star raids after the event so if you get to the celebration late, players will still have a chance to grab a shiny Deino at Community Day rates and extend the feel of the event. There are caveats though: Players can only use raid passes and Premium Battle Passes. Remote Raid Passes won’t work. The Deino will appear within a 300-meter radius around the gym that hosted the raid for 30 minutes.

With so many people and so many gyms, the party will likely last longer in San Francisco. The hard-core players will keep Deino Day going. It will be interesting to see if there’s a special effect that will notify players of the impacted gyms or if they’ll have to walk around and find it.

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In addition to those bonuses, Deino Day will feature 1/4 hatch distance so it’s best to save all those 7km, 10km and 12km eggs for the three hours. Players should mega evolve Charizard X, Gyarados, Absol, Houndoom, Altaria, Ampharos, Latios or Latias. Preferably, players should use the Pokemon with the highest Mega Level.

The reason for this is that Mega Evolved Pokemon give players bonus candy, and at the highest Mega Level, it gives players a high chance at Candy XL. This will help max out your Deino for the day. It’s also a good time to make Pancham your buddy so that you can level him up when needed.

A last note for the Deino Day bonuses: Players will see double catch candy and double the chance of getting Cand XL along with Deino from snapshots. Players also have three special trades for the day at a reduced cost as long as it’s done during event hours. If you’re going to purchase a Special Research quest this year, Field Notes: Deino is the one to buy. It’s 99 cents and gives you more chances at a shiny Deino along with several worthwhile bonuses.

If players can’t go to San Francisco or Oakland, here are some other places that should be on your radar:

This is where I play and the city features two places for Pokemon Go. If you’re looking for a place with a high spawn density, no place is better than the southern portion of the Berkeley Marina next to the former HS Lordship site. The area is so dense with Pokemon that it can be overwhelming. The one issue players may have is the cellular connection but if you have Verizon, you should be fine.

If you’re looking for a good mix of gyms and spawns, the UC Berkeley and downtown area is where players should be. Players will find clusters of spawns throughout campus mostly around the campanile and radiating outward. There are also a fair amount of gyms. What’s great about UC Berkeley is that it spills over to Telegraph Avenue and downtown which both have a decent amount of gyms. It’s nowhere near the number of San Francisco but it’s good enough.

El Cerrito Plaza is a good place to hunt Deino. Players can make a route around the shopping center and catch plenty of good Irate Pokemon. The gym situation is decent with at least five in the area.

If trainers need refreshments, they’ll have a Starbucks and Jamba Juice nearby. It’s a good place to play if you don’t want to make the trek over to Berkeley. A big bonus is that there’s plenty of parking.

The best place to play that’s mentioned consistently on the Pokemon Go: San Jose Discord is San Jose State. According to one of the mods there, “SJSU offers a good mix of spawns and Pokestops across the campus; there are two nice clusters of Pokestops near Tower Hall and the student union building, but parking near the campus can be problematic.”

Oakridge Mall is another popular place for those in south San Jose. If you don’t want to spend time outdoors, the mall is a good option. The Discord says the Target and post office area have a nice density of spawns.

De Anza College is a great spot according to the San Jose Discord. It has a large number of spawns and players can find parking for a small fee or look for street parking near Cupertino Memorial Park.

The area around Lake Elizabeth has been a popular area for years. It’s a place that reportedly has a good mix of spawns and gyms.

If you have any other suggestions for places to spend Pokemon Go Community Day or have any updated information, let me know at [email protected]

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